Our range of services include:


We are a trusted and dependable link to get the most needed goods and services across to you. We are reputed for a prompt and effective service delivery in the field of general merchandising.


At Lad-white Ventures Limited, we understand how unavoidably distant Manufacturers and final Consumers have come to be with time and all the marginalization that comes with it, so we function as a Manufacturer's representative ensuring that you mostly directly relate with us, serving as the link directly from the Production house while also helping small businesses, start-up companies and exporters who are willing to test a new product or enter a new market.


As part of our scope of activities sanctioned by the Corporate Affairs Commission, we have full authority coupled with the necessary technical know-how to serve you in the General Contracting sector. By reason of this, you can go about your daily business while we help you oversee that project which you've been wanting to do.

Marketing and Communications

With respect to Product Marketing, Online Marketing and Advertising.
One of the most underrated but major determinant to the continued relevance of products and services on the Nigerian commercial and business space is marketing. At Lad-white Ventures Limited, we understand that the level of identification and acceptance of a product is a function of how well it has been introduced to its target audience and so look to utilize this tool to its fullest. Our formidability on business and social media platforms over the years have not only earned us an unmatched respect but has also magically made of itself an Household name, thus attracting merchandising giants to doing business with us. Such connections is what comes with the package when you hand over the marketing of your business, goods and services to us.

Agriculture & Agro-Allied Products

Agriculture with emphasis on Cassava; Trading in Cassava, Cassava Products and other Agricultural and Agro-Allied Products.

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